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Collecting a Real-World Dataset of Private Patterns for Stream Processing Systems

Low-Power Network Support for the Recovery of Collapsed 6G Systems

Enterprise Authentication Systems

Long-Range Network Support for the Recovery of Collapsed 6G Systems

Smartphone Pairing Schemes

Reverse Engineering and Emulating Broadcom’s WiFi Real-Time Core Peripherals

Implementation and Evaluation of Short-Range Aerial Acoustic Communication Systems for Smartphones

Emulating Broadcom’s D11 Core

Machine Learning Aided Penetration Testing

Channel Characterization for Aerial Acoustic Communication Systems

Limits on Inferring Handwritten Characters using Wearables

Analysis of Keystroke Dynamics Obfuscation Techniques

Generalized Network Coded Cooperation in High Density LoRa-Networks

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces in LoRa-based Networks for Large-scale IoT

Privacy-preserving beamforming using reinforcement learning

Hiding User Private Attributes Using Machine Learning

Discovering Oversensing Privacy Issues in Smart IoT Environments

Beam management in mmWave full duplex joint sensing and communication system

mmWave full duplex joint sensing and communication design

Android Wireless Subsystem Security

Automated Surveillance Recognition in Smart Environments

Privacy and Security Implications of Cross-Modal Transformations on Human-Centric Sensor Data

Protection mechanisms against tracking

Apple Security and Privacy Aspects

Comparison of ECG and PPG Sensor Data for Authentication

CSMA/CD for Wi-Fi

Bluetooth Security Analysis on Windows

Unsupervised learning from video segmentation to person/object tracking in wireless networks

Preserving Privacy against WiFi Sensing

FPGA development and experimental analysis of beamforming and beam-tracking in 6G networks

Going against the tide: Using interpretable machine learning instead of black box DNN for wireless sensing

Acoustic Communication: Ubiquitous ad-hoc communication?

Comparison of Side-Channel Touchlogging Attacks using Wearables

Glitching Wireless Chips

FIDO2 Platform Authenticators

Evaluation of Acoustic Communication Schemes

Evaluation of Ultra-Wideband for Secure Device Pairing

Finger Detection of Keystrokes from RGB Video Streams

Analyzing the Deployment of Device-Specific Android Security Features

Investigating the Pitfalls of FIDO2 Usability in Practice

Handwriting Recognition using IMU and EMG Sensor Data

Software Defined Wireless Networks

3D Positioning and Posture detection using iOS

Preserving Privacy against WiFi Sensing

Protecting Heartbeat and Respiration Information in WiFi Sensing Applications

Security Analysis of Neighbor Awareness Networking-capable Wi-Fi Firmware using Fuzzing

Protocol Design for Energy-Efficient Broadcast Tree Contruction in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

iOS CommCenter Protocol Analysis

iOS CommCenter Fuzzing

iOS Bluetooth Security

Very Pwnable Network: Reverse Engineering and Vulnerability Analysis of AnyConnect for Linux

Responsible Disclosure im IoT-Sektor

Practical Analysis of Friendly Jamming to Augment the Security of Industrial Remote Control Systems

Improving State Coverage in Bluetooth Fuzzing

Attacks on Wireless Coexistence

AnyConnect and VPN Security on iOS

Speeding up and hardening zero-interaction pairing by utilizing off-the-shelf IoT actuators

Delay-Tolerant LoRaWAN with mobile Gateways and SatCom Backhaul

LoRa for Smart Street Lamps

Circumventing ECG Authentication with Deep Generative Models based on PPG Pulse Data

Low-Latency Flooding in IEEE 802.11g Networks through Concurrent Broadcasting with Wireless Synchronization using WARP Software-Defined Radios

Keylogging Side-Channel Attacks on Bluetooth Timestamps: A Timing Analysis of Keystrokes on Apple Magic Keyboards

The Latency–Throughput Tradeoff of GPP-based SDRs

GNU Radio Runtime Performance Evaluation

Analysis of Apple’s crowdsourced location tracking system

Prevalence Analysis of Dark Patterns in Newsletters

Implementation and Analysis of a Keystroke Dynamics Authentication System

Wi-Fi Sharing for All: Reverse Engineering and Breaking the Apple Wi-Fi Password Sharing Protocol

Advanced Mitigation and Response Methods in the Context of Automotive Ethernet Security

VPN in a Mobile Environment: Security, Privacy, and Usability

ToothPicker: Enabling Over-the-Air and In-Process Fuzzing Within Apple’s Bluetooth Ecosystem

Remote Code Patching Framework for a TETRA Base Station

Practical Security Analysis of IoT Ecosystems

Practical Bluetooth RNG Analysis

Polypyus: Firmware History Based Binary Diffing

Fuzzing a TETRA Base Station via Binary Patching

Applicability of IoT Security Frameworks as Guidelines for Penetration Testing

Analyzing the macOS Bluetooth Stack

Analyzing Apple’s Private Wireless Communication Protocols with a Focus on Security and Privacy

Communicating Privacy and Security issues

Creating an indoor simulation tool witha realistic antenna model for an IEEE 802.11ad 60 GHz devices

Detecting Extension Abuse in the Wild

Security Evaluation of LoRaWAN Network Servers using Fuzzing

nextoyou - a zero-interactiion co-presence detection scheme based on Channel State Information

Communicating Privacy and Security issues

PrivacyMail – Analyzing the Email Tracking Ecosystem

TETRA Base Station Binary Patching

Bluetooth Entropy

Bluetooth Controller Emulation and Fuzzing

PrivacyGraph – A Holistic View of the Online Tracking Ecosystem

Applicability of Penetration Testing Guides for the Internet of Things

Smart Home Security

Practical Evaluation of LoRa in Multihop Networks

Implementation of a Linux User-space Neighbor Awareness Networking Protocol Stack

Analyzing Email Privacy

Advanced TSCH Scheduling Mechanisms for Wireless Sensor Networks

Practical Performance Analysis of Neighbor Awareness Networking

Inferring Keystrokes from Myo Armband Electromyographic and Inertial Measurement Unit Data

Security Analysis of IoT Ecosystems

PowerPC Binary Patching and dissecting of TETRA Base Station

Fuzzing the Linux Bluetooth Stack

Dynamic Bluetooth Firmware Analysis

A Study on Proprietary Communication Protocols Used in TETRA Hardware Components

Security Aspects of the Apple Wireless Direct Link Protocol

Separation of Channel Coefficients in Concurrent Wi-Fi Transmissions using Deep Neural Networks

Design of a Secure DIAMETER Edge Agent - study of the capabilities and performances of a DEA, with a PoC implementation

Combining WiFi, Bluetooth and BLE: Limitations and synergy effects of using Google Nearby Connections 2.0

Desynchronization Attacks and Mitigations for the Apple Wireless Direct Link Protocol

Learning the Beams: Efficient Millimeter-Wave Beam-Steering Techniques

Draining Mallory and Sybil: DoS-resistant Disruption-Tolerant Networks

Evaluation of MAC protocols for wireless sensor networks

Learning the Beams: Applying Evolution Algorithms for Optimized IEEE 802.11 ad Beamtraining

Practical Low-Layer Attacks on IEEE802.11ad by Modified WiFi Firmware

60 Ghz Channel Models: From Theory to Practice (and Back Again)

Hacking Bluetooth Firmware of WiFi Combo Chips in Mobile Devices

Processing and evaluation of the smarter field test about delay-tolerant networks in the event of an disaster

Performance Comparision of Packet Schemes for Mutually Hidden Messages

Separation of Channel Coefficients with Deep Neural Networks

Analyzing Vulnerability and Privacy Data from the PrivacyScore platform

Privacy als Wettbewerbsfaktor? Analyse der Reaktionen von Unternehmen auf Privacy-Score-Bewertungen

NEAT-TCP: Generation of TCP Congestion Control through Neuroevolution of Augmenting Topologies for Wireless Multi-Hop Networks

Implementing a WiFi Jammer on a Raspberry Pi

Experimental Evaluation on Inband Device-to-Device Communication in LTE

Practical Broadcast Tree Construction with Potential Game for Energy-Efficient Data Dissemination in Ad-Hoc Networks

Using Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) for Data-Link Layer Authenticity Verification to Mitigate Attacks on IEEE 802.11ad Beam Training

Practical Defense Against Pollution Attacks in Network Coding-based Systems

Experimental Evaluation of Mobile Attacks on Ad hoc Routing Protocols

Testing the Efficacy of Vulnerability Disclosure over different Channels

Sicherheit funkferngesteuerter Rangierlokomotiven

Security Analysis and Firmware Modification of Fitbit Fitness Trackers

InternalBlue - A Bluetooth Experimentation Framework Based on Mobile Device Reverse Engineering

Angriffsanalyse einer TETRA-Basisstation

Analysing and Evaluating Interface, Communication, and Web Security in Productive IoT Ecosystems

Reverse Engineering the Apple Auto Unlock Protocol

Estimating Global MANET Metrics Based on Locally Observed Information

Self-Replicating Malware for Wi-Fi Chips

Understanding the Apple Auto Unlock Protocol

Investigating practical man-in-the-middle network attacks on IEEE 802.11 ad

Wi-Fi based Covert Channels on Android Smartphones

Evaluation of Latency Reduction Techniques for 5th Generation Mobile Network

Extension of the Open Visible Light Communication Driver for Linux

ACE security profiles for the IoT

Securing SCADA Protocols

OAuth 2.0 for IoT: IPsec channel establishment and authorized resource access in the IoT

Reverse Engineering the Apple Wireless Direct Link Protocol

Collide, Collate, Collect: Recognizing Senders in Wireless Collisions

Decompilation and Automated Analysis of b43 Assembly Code used in Broadcom WiFi Chips

Practical use of network coding to sustain robustness in secure mobile ad hoc communication

Secure localization and distance bounding with IEEE 802.11

Modification of LTE firmwares on Smartphones

Implementation of a Contextual Framework for Secure Device Pairing Methods on Android

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Privacy-preserving Framework for Trust Inference on Android

Nexman-based Wireless Penetration Testing Suite for Android

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Realistic Scenarios and Movement Models for Natural Disasters Using Simulations for Delay Tolerant Networks

TETRA Security Analysis by Fuzzing

Improving a Linux Device Driver for Visible Light Communication

Implementierung des unteren MAC-Layers für die OpenVLC Hardware

Implementation of a Physical Layer for Visible Light Communication using the OpenVLC platform

Detecting WiFi Covert Channels

Design and Evaluation of a Hybrid SDR Testbed For Visible Light Communication and Wi-Fi

Absicherung von SCADA-Protokollen

A Framework for Adaptive Energy-efficient Neighbour Discovery in Oppertunistic Networks

Implementation of infrastructureless BFPSI on Android

60 GHz Millimeter Wave Medium Access Control

Concurrent transmission D2D millimeter-wave

Secure Context Migration between IEEE 802.11 Networks

Probe request tracking in WiFi firmware

Reactive, Smaratphone-based Jammer for IEEE 802.11 Networks

Secure key exchange protocol for a group communication during emergency responses

Utilizing Secure Elements to Establish Authentication in MANETs on Android

Design and Implementation of a Service-Oriented Architecture for Large-Scale Testbed Management

Energy efficient WiFi analysis framework on smartphones

Unified Multi-modal Secure Device Pairing for Infrastructure and Ad-hoc Networks Bachelor Thesis

Unified Multi-Modal Device Pairing in Infrastructure and Ad-hoc networks

A Systemfor Privacy-Preserving Mobile Health and Fitness Data Sharing: Design, Implementation and Evaluation

Reverse Engineering Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity Framework and Implementation on the Android platform

Enabling Seamless Transitions betweegn Cyrptographically Secured

Infecting the Wire: Wireless Eavesdropping, Packet Injection and Reactive Jamming on Wired 10Base-T IEEE 802.3 Ehternet Networks

Privacy and anonymity risks on Android

Performance evaluation of an anonymous communication system on a mobile device

Implementation and Evaluation of PUF-based Cryptographic Kex Generation Schemes on FPGA

Design and Evaluation of a supervised machine learning based Intrusion Detection System for WSN

Securing Efficient Network Flooding and Time Synchronization for Ultra-Low Latency Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks

Design and Implementation of lichtweight attestation for embedded systems

Intrusion Detection using Data Mining

Audio-based Covert Channels on Smartphones

Wireless Eavesdropping and Pocket Injection in Ethernet Networks

Secure Transitions

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a System Information Service

Measuring the Impact of Denial of Service Attacks on Wireless Sensor

Protecting User Privacy by Learning from Mobile Communication Data

Design, Integration and Evaluation of Real-time Notifications

Network ID: Self-Provisioning Service Proxy

Let’s go WARP: Integrating the Click Modular Router and the Wireless Open-Access Research Platform

Delay-tolerant routing for emergency networks

Signal Pre-Processing in a Physical Layer Based Key Management System for Wireless Communications

Statistically analysing the Impact of

Security Analysis of Physical Layor Key Exchange Mechanism

Implementation and Detection of culluding injection attacks by means of active probing

Decentralized Privacy-preserving Location Mechanism

Corridor Building in Wireless Multihop Networks

Outlier Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

Realtime aggregation and spatial visualization of emergency messages

Security Mechanisms for Emergency Response Networks

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Incentive Schemes for Mobile Sensing Applications

Physical layer path signatures for wireless multihop networks

Improving of the detection mechanism of an open-source intrusion detection system

Practical Physical Layer Security in MIMO Systems using Software Defined Radios

Implementation of a cross-layer technique for an OFDM-based Wiresell Mesh Network

Geographic Routing Based on Physical Layer Information for Wireless Multihop Networks

Performance-based Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

Mobile Phones as Sensors for Intrusion Detection in Wireless Mesh Networks

Secure Modular Protokolls for Wireless Multihop Networks

Implementation and Evaluation of Opportunistic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of User Interfaces for Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Mechanisms

Towards Strong Anonymity in Delay-Tolerant Networks

Increasing Privacy Awareness through Intuitive Interfaces for Participatory Sensing Applications

Methods for Trust Assessment in Participatory Sensing Scenarios

On the Efficiency of Privacy-preserving Path Hiding for Participatory Sensing Applications

Dynamic Subchannel Allocation in OFDMA-Based Wireless Mesh Networks

Decentralized Trust Models for Participatory Sensing

Privacy-aware Tasking for Participatory Sensing Applications

Machine Learning-based Anomaly Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

A Framework for Privacy Metrics in Participatory Sensing Scenarios

Improving Link Quality in Wireless Sensor Networks

Generation, Distribution and Verification of Sensor-based Credentials for Participatory Sensing Scenarios

Methods to Identify and Classify Social Links: Design and Implementation

Implementation and Evaluation of a Mechanism to Preserve Location Privacy in Participatory Sensing Scenarios

Anonymity and Reputation in Participatory Sensing

Security Solutions for Geographic Routing in Wireless Multihop Networks

Realization of a Testbed and Analysis of Attacks against Routing Mechanisms in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Mitigating Attacks on IEEE 802.11s Security Mechanisms

Fine-gained Access Control Enabling Privacy Support in Participatory Sensing