Concurrent Cooperative Transmission (CCT) allows the dissemination of messages over multiple hops in a wireless network with many devices, while achieving excellent performance in terms of latency, reliability and throughput. With this, CCT can enable unprecedented applications and services that were infeasible in traditional wireless multi-hop networks (WMNs).

In this thesis project, CCT-based network flooding is used to disseminate a video stream from a source node to many other nodes throughout a WMN. To this end, a customized IEEE 802.11 design for the wireless open-access research platform (WARP) v3 software-defined radio (SDR) is used, which was developed at SEEMOO to enable CCT-based network flooding.

In this thesis, a server application is implemented that injects the packets of a video stream into a WMN consisting of WARP v3 SDRs. Further, a client application is implemented that re-constructs the video stream at the receiver side from the received packets. With this, mobile devices that are covered by the WMN shall be able to display the received video stream.