Matthias Hollick

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Hollick

Security, QoS, and Resilience in Mobile Systems

Ursula Paeckel, Dipl.-Infw.


Dr.-Ing. Luis Fernando Abanto

Radio Resource Management and Optimization

            Bastian Bloessl

Dr. Bastian Bloessl

Software-Defined Wireless Communication Systems

            Jiska Classen

Dr.-Ing. Jiska Classen

Wireless Security

            Robin Klose

Dr.-Ing. Robin Klose

Decentralized Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications

            Allyson Sim

Dr. Allyson Sim


            Luis Alves

Luis Alves, M.Sc.

Large Intelligent Surfaces in Wireless Communications

Lucas Becker, M.Sc.

Software Security and IoT

            David Noel Breuer

David Noel Breuer, M.Sc.


            Matthias Gazzari

Matthias Gazzari, M.Sc.

Privacy and Security Impacts of Sensor Data

            Alexander Heinrich

Alexander Heinrich, M.Sc.

Security of location-aware wireless protocls

            Frank Hessel

Frank Hessel, M.Sc.

LPWANs and IoT

            Leon Janzen

Leon Janzen, M.Sc.

Resilience and Security for the Radio Access Network

            Swantje Lange

Swantje Lange, M.Sc.

Security & Resilience of 6G Open RAN

            Jakob Link

Jakob Link, M.Sc.

Repurposing of wireless devices

            Vincenz Mechler

Vincenz Mechler, M.Sc.

Adaptive Physical Layer

Hannah Noettgen, M.Sc.


            Florentin Putz

Florentin Putz, M.Sc.

Deployable and Usable Security

Nils Rollshausen, M.Sc.


            Fridolin Siegmund

Fridolin Siegmund, M.Sc.


            Davide Toldo

Davide Toldo, M.Sc.

Hardware Security & IoT

            Valentin Conrad

Valentin Conrad, B.Sc.

emergenCITY Lab Engineer

            Uta Drews

Uta Drews

emergenCITY Team Assistant

            Eicke Hauck

Eicke Hauck, M.Sc.

Lab Engineer

            Anne Hofmeister

Dr. Anne Hofmeister

emergenCITY Manager

            Katharina Kleinschnitger

Katharina Kleinschnitger, M.A.

emergenCITY Manager

            Gloria Philipp

Gloria Philipp, Dipl. Soziologin

emergenCITY Controlling

            Vanessa Winkels

Vanessa Winkels

emergenCITY Team Assistant

            Lars Almon

Lars Almon, M.Sc.

IoT and LPWAN Security

Dr.-Ing. Flor Maria Alvarez Zurita

Ana Barroso, M.Sc.

Prof. Dr.-Ing Delphine Christin

Max Engelhardt, M.Sc.

Dr.-Ing. Mikhail Fomichev

IoT Security and Privacy

            Max Granzow

Max Granzow, M.Sc.

Aron Heinecke, B.Sc.

Lab Engineer

            Sönke Huster

Sönke Huster, M.Sc.

Steffen Klee, M.Sc.

Dr.-Ing. Adrian Carlos Loch Navarro

            Max Maass

Dr.-Ing. Max Maass

Security, Privacy, and Humans

            Annemarie Mattmann

Annemarie Mattmann, M.Sc.

Sensor-Based Location Tracking

Doris Müller

Michael Noisternig, Dipl.-Ing.

Dr.-Ing. Michael Riecker

Christian Roßkopf, M.Sc.

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Schulz

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Steinmetzer

            Milan Stute

Dr.-Ing. Milan Stute

Security of Apple's Wireless Ecosystem

Fabian Ullrich, M.Sc.

Daniel Wegemer, M.Sc.

Dr.-Ing. Marc Werner

Dr.-Ing. Dingwen Yuan

Dr.-Ing. Rodrigo do Carmo

Wireless Communication and Sensing Lab (WISE)

The Wireless Communication and Sensing Lab (WISE) is headed by Dr. Arash Asadi. WISE is hosted by SEEMOO.

            Arash Asadi

Dr. Arash Asadi


Astrid Kern


Waqar Ahmed, M.Sc.


            Nairy Gholian

Nairy Gholian, M.Sc.


            Afifa Ishtiaq

Afifa Ishtiaq, M.Sc.

PhD Researcher

            Fabian Portner

Fabian Portner, M. Sc.


            Marco Rossanese

Marco Rossanese, M.Sc.

External PhD Researcher

            Lu Wang

Lu Wang, M.Sc.


            Shaghayegh Shahcheraghi

Shaghayegh Shahcheraghi, M.Sc.

International Visitors and Collaborators

Prof. Edward W. Knightly, Ph.D.

Rice University 🇺🇸

Prof. Francesco Gringoli, Ph.D.

University of Brescia 🇮🇹

Prof. Guevara Noubir, Ph.D.

Northeastern University 🇺🇸

Prof. Dr. Joerg Widmer

IMDEA Networks 🇪🇸

Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen

Flinders University 🇦🇺