Dr.-Ing. Dingwen Yuan

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  2019 Completed

Advanced TSCH Scheduling Mechanisms for Wireless Sensor Networks

  2018 Completed

Evaluation of MAC protocols for wireless sensor networks


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Concurrent Wireless Cut-Through Forwarding: Ultra Low-Latency Multi-Hop Communication for the IoT

Optimal Joint Routing and Scheduling in Millimeter-Wave Cellular Networks

Instrumenting Wireless Sensor Networks : A Survey on the Metrics That Matter

Improving Quality of Service in Wireless Sensor Networks for Industrial Automation

Making 'Glossy' Networks Sparkle: Exploiting Concurrent Transmissions for Energy Efficient, Reliable, Ultra-low Latency Communication in Wireless Control Networks

Let's Talk Together: Understanding Concurrent Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks

Optimization and Scheduling of Wireless Sensor Networks for Periodic Control Systems

HOPSCOTCH: An Adaptive and Distributed Channel Hopping Technique for Interference Avoidance in Wireless Sensor Networks