Jakob Link, M.Sc.

Repurposing of wireless devices / Wireless security / Firmware reverse-engineering / Researcher

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Jakob Link

Offered Theses Topics

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Reverse Engineering and Emulating Broadcom’s WiFi Real-Time Core Peripherals

Emulating Broadcom’s D11 Core


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Next2You: Robust Copresence Detection Based on Channel State Information

Towards an Automated Monitoring of RF Activity in Low-Power Wireless Testbeds

Cross-Technology Broadcast Communication between Off-The-Shelf Wi-Fi, BLE, and IEEE 802.15.4 Devices

Free Your CSI: A Channel State Information Extraction Platform For Modern Wi-Fi Chipsets

Shadow Wi-Fi: Teaching Smartphones to Transmit Raw Signals and to Extract Channel State Information to Implement Practical Covert Channels over Wi-Fi