Selected Broadcom Wi-Fi SoCs feature a Vector Application Specific Processor (VASIP). A brief description of its application areas can be found in the following patent: Inter-radio communications for scheduling or allocating time-varying frequency resources.
The processor might be used to mitigate interference, support MU-MIMO operation, or in general help with computational complex tasks correlated to signal processing. Understanding VASIPs functionalities and capabilities, paired with its positioning near the radio front-end, can open up a new practical platform for researchers with a large area of applications in the wireless field on real end-user devices.
To gain more insight into this type of processor we offer several thesis topics, ranging from analyzing its default functionalities up to reverse engineering its instruction set.
You should be comfortable with the C-language, digging in the unknown, signal processing, and improving your skill-set. Be aware that depending on the sub-topic this might be a heavy task.