Dr.-Ing. Matthias Schulz

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Hacking Bluetooth Firmware of WiFi Combo Chips in Mobile Devices

Implementing a WiFi Jammer on a Raspberry Pi

InternalBlue - A Bluetooth Experimentation Framework Based on Mobile Device Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering the Apple Auto Unlock Protocol

Self-Replicating Malware for Wi-Fi Chips

Wi-Fi based Covert Channels on Android Smartphones

Secure localization and distance bounding with IEEE 802.11

Nexman-based Wireless Penetration Testing Suite for Android

Probe request tracking in WiFi firmware

Reverse Engineering Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity Framework and Implementation on the Android platform

Wireless Eavesdropping and Pocket Injection in Ethernet Networks

Let’s go WARP: Integrating the Click Modular Router and the Wireless Open-Access Research Platform


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InternalBlue - Bluetooth Binary Patching and Experimentation Framework

The Nexmon firmware analysis and modification framework: Empowering researchers to enhance Wi-Fi devices

Shadow Wi-Fi: Teaching Smartphones to Transmit Raw Signals and to Extract Channel State Information to Implement Practical Covert Channels over Wi-Fi

Teaching Your Wireless Card New Tricks: Smartphone Performance and Security Enhancements Through Wi-Fi Firmware Modifications

Compressive Millimeter-Wave Sector Selection in Off-the-Shelf IEEE 802.11ad Devices

Nexmon: Build Your Own Wi-Fi Testbeds With Low-Level MAC and PHY-Access Using Firmware Patches on Off-the-Shelf Mobile Devices

Massive reactive smartphone-based jamming using arbitrary waveforms and adaptive power control

DEMO: Demonstrating Reactive Smartphone-Based Jamming

Profiling the Strength of Physical-Layer Security: A Study in Orthogonal Blinding

Trust The Wire, They Always Told Me!: On Practical Non-Destructive Wire-Tap Attacks Against Ethernet

DEMO: Demonstrating Practical Known-Plaintext Attacks against Physical Layer Security in Wireless MIMO Systems

DEMO: Using NexMon, the C-based WiFi firmware modification framework

Using Channel State Information for Tamper Detection in the Internet of Things

Lockpicking Physical Layer Key Exchange: Weak Adversary Models Invite the Thief

NFCGate: An NFC Relay Application for Android

APP and PHY in Harmony: Demonstrating Scalable Video Streaming Supported by Flexible Physical Layer Control

APP and PHY in Harmony: A Framework Enabling Flexible Physical Layer Processing to Address Application Requirements

Highly Efficient Known-Plaintext Attacks against Orthogonal Blinding based Physical Layer Security

WARP Drive - Accelerating Wireless Multi-hop Cross-layer Experimentation on SDRs

Practical Known-Plaintext Attacks against Physical Layer Security in Wireless MIMO Systems