Dr.-Ing. Daniel Steinmetzer

Offered Theses Topics

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Learning the Beams: Efficient Millimeter-Wave Beam-Steering Techniques

Learning the Beams: Applying Evolution Algorithms for Optimized IEEE 802.11 ad Beamtraining

Practical Low-Layer Attacks on IEEE802.11ad by Modified WiFi Firmware

60 Ghz Channel Models: From Theory to Practice (and Back Again)

Using Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) for Data-Link Layer Authenticity Verification to Mitigate Attacks on IEEE 802.11ad Beam Training

Investigating practical man-in-the-middle network attacks on IEEE 802.11 ad

Unified Multi-modal Secure Device Pairing for Infrastructure and Ad-hoc Networks Bachelor Thesis

Unified Multi-Modal Device Pairing in Infrastructure and Ad-hoc networks


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Performance and Security Enhancements in Practical Millimeter-Wave Communication Systems

TPy: A Lightweight Framework for Agile Distributed Network Experiments

Adaptive Codebook Optimization for Beam-Training on Off-The-Shelf IEEE 802.11ad Devices

Fast and Infuriating: Performance and Pitfalls of 60 GHz WLANs Based on Consumer-Grade Hardware

Beam-Stealing: Intercepting the Sector Sweep to Launch Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on Wireless IEEE 802.11ad Networks

Indoor Localization Using Commercial Off-The-Shelf 60 GHz Access Points

TPy: A Lightweight Framework for Agile Distributed Network Experiments

Compressive Millimeter-Wave Sector Selection in Off-the-Shelf IEEE 802.11ad Devices

Mitigating Lateral Interference: Adaptive Beam Switching for Robust Millimeter-Wave Networks

Survey and Systematization of Secure Device Pairing

Massive reactive smartphone-based jamming using arbitrary waveforms and adaptive power control

Far Away and Yet Nearby - A Framework for Practical Distance Fraud on Proximity Services for Mobile Devices (Demo)

Lockpicking Physical Layer Key Exchange: Weak Adversary Models Invite the Thief