Dr.-Ing. Mikhail Fomichev

IoT Security and Privacy / Postdoc

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Hiding User Private Attributes Using Machine Learning

Discovering Oversensing Privacy Issues in Smart IoT Environments

Speeding up and hardening zero-interaction pairing by utilizing off-the-shelf IoT actuators

nextoyou - a zero-interactiion co-presence detection scheme based on Channel State Information

Implementation of a Contextual Framework for Secure Device Pairing Methods on Android

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Privacy-preserving Framework for Trust Inference on Android


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Next2You: Robust Copresence Detection Based on Channel State Information

FastZIP: faster and more secure zero-interaction pairing

Making Zero-interaction Pairing and Authentication Practical in the Internet of Things

Zero-Interaction Security-Towards Sound Experimental Validation

Zero-Interaction Security - Towards Sound Experimental Validation

Perils of Zero-Interaction Security in the Internet of Things

Survey and Systematization of Secure Device Pairing