Dr.-Ing. Marc Werner

Offered Theses Topics

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  2016 Completed

Secure Context Migration between IEEE 802.11 Networks

  2016 Completed

Design and Implementation of a Service-Oriented Architecture for Large-Scale Testbed Management

Description Wireless Multihop Network testbeds are often distributed over large physical areas and have many devices which renders management challenging. A multitude of diverse frameworks are available to assist in the management of such testbeds. Properties like scalability, heterogeneous hardware support and effortless testbed configuration are a self-evident goal for these frameworks. However, this combination is hard to achieve and the exact requirements vary for different testbeds. Instead of providing a completely new and tailored experimentation framework, I propose Panopticon, a service oriented management framework, providing a lower layer to intercept and improve existing functionality. It slices large, distributed testbeds into dynamically sized subunits, offering a granular choice in testbed experimentation frameworks for every slice. Such an exper- imentation framework can be selected regarding the exact experiment’s requirements and not as a compromise between all available testbed components. Panopticon’s list of services can be extended, offering simple entry points for new, custom implementations. It is a framework federating network enabled infrastructures.

  2016 Completed

Enabling Seamless Transitions betweegn Cyrptographically Secured

  2015 Completed

Secure Transitions

  2014 Completed

Network ID: Self-Provisioning Service Proxy


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Utilizing Advanced Network Context to Optimize Software-Defined Networks

STEAN: A Storage and Transformation Engine for Advanced Networking Context

Mind the Gap – Understanding the Traffic Gap when Switching Communication Protocols

Not the Enemy but the Ally: Increasing the Security of Wireless Networks Using Smartphones (extended abstract)

On the Accuracy of Appliance Identification Based on Distributed Load Metering Data.