Network Coding has many positives properties that make it especially suitable for Wireless Multihop Networks [1]. Network Coding can be used to increase the effective capacity of the network, by coding (simplest form: bit-wise XOR) together packets of different flows and forwarding them in a single broadcast transmission to their intended receivers, e.g., [2]. It can also be used within a single flow to improve forward error correction (FEC) and, thus, increase transmission reliability, e.g., [3]. Unfortunately, systems based on Network Coding are easy targets for a number of attacks, and even easier to disrupt than protocols based on traditional forwarding [4].


In this thesis, you will familiarize yourself with the concept of Network Coding and analyize potential threats to both inter- and intra-flow Network Coding. Based on this, you will design and implement practical security measures. The design should then be validated against a number of different attacks.