The course gives you the opportunity to do a literature review and gain a deep understanding of a specific topic in the following areas:

  • Security and anonymity
  • Millimeter-wave systems
  • Acoustic communications
  • Machine learning for wireless networks
  • Protocols for mobile ad hoc networks/wireless sensor networks
  • Latest developments in 5G and 6G

The available topics are derived from current research in the SEEMOO group and change every semester. During the kick-off meeting, we present all topics with time for discussion. If you have any questions or concerns about any topic, please contact the respective supervisor.


Committing to a specific topic can be done directly after the presentation of topics in the kick-off meeting. Please keep in mind that a valid registration in TUCaN and attendance in the kick-off is mandatory to participate in the course. Most topics are offered for a single student.

The available topics state requirements and prerequisites that you should meet. We try to ensure that you have sufficient background knowledge to successfully complete this course. You are asked to describe your experience in individual areas before applying for a particular topic. More information on this proceeding is announced during the kick-off meeting.

We will assign topics after the kick-off according to your preferences. However, if many students are interested in a particular topic, we cannot guarantee to be able to assign you as desired. Please note that applying for topics is not possible until later than Sunday, April 21, 23:59h!