Joint Sensing and Communication technology is one of the key 6G technologies. It makes your phone/vehicle/device smarter with the function of sensing and communication simultaneously [1]. By beaming the transmitted data in a direct way, both sensing and communication performance can be improved. If you are interested in the beam-related design in the joint sensing and communication system, feel free to contact us.

Research objective: 1. Sensing parameters estimation 2. Beam management(searching/tracking) and beamforming design 3. full duplex joint sensing and communication system design

Expected gain of knowledge: Wireless communication

[1] Y. Cui, F. Liu, X. Jing and J. Mu, "Integrating Sensing and Communications for Ubiquitous IoT: Applications, Trends, and Challenges," in IEEE Network, vol. 35, no. 5, pp. 158-167, September/October 2021.