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SEEMOO's research focuses on the fundamentals, applications, mechanisms, and protocols of networks for secure mobile communications. Here, our team conducts research in various areas and projects, often in collaboration with other national and international experts and partner projects.


Award-winning Publications, Tools, Software, and Datasets

We publish our research papers at a wide spectrum of reputable venues. Our papers and Demos received several Best Demo and Best Paper Awards at international conferences and from journals.
At SEEMOO, we follow the principles of reproducible research and release our research results in the form of open-source software projects and datasets.

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Highly regarded Teaching and Thesis

Our award-winning lectures, seminars, labs and projects cover cutting edge development topics in the area of of (wireless) networking and security/privacy. We also offer exciting thesis topics, usually emphasizing practical work. If you are interested, check out our current open thesis positions linked below!

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Meet the Team and Jobs & Career

Seemoo is home to an international, highly qualified and and diverse Team. If you are interested in becomming part of the team, check out our current open positions linked below.
We are continuously looking for motivated and highly-skilled postdocs and PhD students. Motivated students can also apply for student teaching and research assistant jobs.

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