AirGuard enhances the security of iPhone users by detecting personal tracking devices such as Samsung SmartTags and Tile trackers. People affected of unwanted tracking get a notification in less than an hour and are can then use the app to search for the hidden tracker.

The launch of the AirGuard iOS app comes amid increasing concerns about privacy and security. Tiny Bluetooth trackers have been exploited for unwanted tracking and stalking, posing significant threats to personal security. AirGuard aims to safeguard users by offering robust protection against these risks.

Key features of the app include:

  1. Background Notifications: The app operates in the background, issuing alerts when it detects a tracker following the user.
  2. Manual Scanning: Users can manually scan for nearby trackers, including Apple AirTags and Find My trackers.
  3. Locating Trackers: A precision scanning feature allows users to locate a specific tracker, showing proximity on a scale of 0-100%.
  4. Data Study: Users can voluntarily participate in an anonymized data study, contributing to ongoing research into the prevalence and impact of personal tracking devices.

"We believe privacy is a fundamental right," said Alexander Heinrich, a PhD candidate at SEEMOO and one of the leading developers of AirGuard. "This app aims to provide an added layer of protection for iPhone users, detecting trackers that the built-in iOS system currently doesn't."

AirGuard is free, open-source, and values user privacy above all else. All data processing takes place locally on the device, ensuring no personal data is shared externally.

To learn more about AirGuard, visit the App Store and download the app today. Together, we can take a stand against unwanted tracking and promote a safer, more secure digital environment.